Are Video Games Good or Bad For You?

Are Video Games Good or Bad For You?

Each year new innovative video games make the experience even more immersed, and with virtual reality just around the corner games will become even more addictive. But have you ever stopped to think or video games bad for you?. There is good news and bad news on this one. Let's start by getting the bad news out of the way. Things like muffled pain lack of vitamin D and smoke deprivation are just some of the problems you can develop by over playing console or PC games. Muscle pain is one of the most commonly reported problems among hardcore gamers since most video games still involve sitting motionless in front of the TV for long periods of time. 

Humans get their daily dose of vitamin D from the Sun so when gamers spend a whole day inside, they miss out on this key vitamins pre-deprivation effects case you stay up super late to beat the next level. So how much is too much gaming?. Most experts recommend no more than an hour playing video games per day. The problem is most gamers play way more than an hour which leads to the negative effect. 

Playing tons of video games has negative consequences, but now for the good news. There's some surprising benefits - studies show that playing the recommended amount of video games can improve your vision social skills and even help slow the aging process. Parents love to say don't sit too close to the TV but modern science shows that video games may actually help improve your vision. So you were shown that people who play certain types of video games are able to recognize more shades of gray than someone who doesn't. 

The rise of online multiplayer games has helped people all over the world connect with new friends and create community by working together to solve problems in gaming. And it's not just online, about 70% of gamers say that they still play video games with their friends in person. How them solving memory and publicans are also a great way to slow the aging process because they stimulate the brain. 10 hours of games can have same positive effects on brain function, especially for players over 50. Grab at the controller and start improving your vision,

Now you know that video games aren't all that bad for you after all. And as always thanks for reading.