Fallout 76: All You Need To Know

Fallout 76: All You Need To Know

We bringing to you everything you need to know about Fallout 76 that we've just witnessed and learnt about in the E3 presentation. So firstly the game is actually going to be released on November 14th this year in 2018. it's still gonna be an open-world game with story and quests just like normal. It's running off new graphics technology, allowing for 16 times as much detail and Todd Howard said it would be a soft gloss of viable kind of game.

But the big thing that we're all wondering about is the multiplayer and the car. So basically you can be leaving the vault with a real person or you can play the game completely solo. You can still be who you want, do whatever you want, level up, and all that just like normal. So it really seems like a real genuine pull-up game. Now the thing that Todd Howard did say which is really good news is that even though thousands of people will be playing it around the world we're not going to have thousands of real people running around in a wasteland. He said there'd be a dozen or so players on the map and very importantly he said that this map will be about four times the size as fallout 4. So if you only had if it was if, we take this very literally and you only had 12 people on a map four times the size of fallout 4. Then you would only have three actual players in a map as big as fallout 4. So really it's not like you're going to be running around in it like a big MMO with lots of people.

The next thing to say is there is PvP. Your friends can team up and apparently that is the easiest way to survive, but your friends can also attack you. You might stumble upon someone who comes like in the video and shoots you with a rocket launcher and causes you a whole bunch of grief. But the other good thing about this is that even though it's described as a softcore survival death will not mean you lose all of your shit. It doesn't mean a loss of progression or your character or anything like that and you're not tied to a server or anything. Either you can join your friends or you can play alone. There's also photos you can take with your gang which will be really cool for a lot of social media attention. He also mentioned that it's going to be supported now and for years in the future with dedicated servers.

Now thirdly it is easiest to survive by teaming up and building. There is the ability to build things and move them where ever you want. You can build anywhere on this map and set up various bases around the place with friends to survive. But as they say don't get too attached because it might get blown up. We're also going to be using something called the construction and assembly mobile platform to build all of this stuff.

So with a map four times as big as fallout 4 set in the hills of western Virginia, there are six distinct regions with their own risks rewards and style. There's the toxic valley, the forest, where it looks like the vault 76 is the ash heap savage divided the Maya and cranberry bog. Hidden out in these regions there are actually nuclear sites in the map and you can gather launch codes for these nuclear sites alone or with friends. It's probably a lot easier with friends and then if you go in there and get the nukes ready you can actually use them to blow up part of the map. So it's seriously intense stuff and it does change how the area that got nuked looks a lot, and from what we were told you can then use this to your advantage to gather rarer and more valuable resources after the place has been nuked.

Obviously we think power armor is going to be very necessary or at least a huge advantage especially in the case of PvP, but also for going through these radiated areas after you blow them up. Where there seem to be stronger and more irradiated mutated creatures.

The next topic there is going to be a beta. For fallout 76 now being online it means there's probably going to be a lot of glitches and understandably Bethesda want us to go test them all out. They called it the break, it's early test application.

For the plot as you know your involve 76 you're one of very few special people selected to be an occupant in the vault and you spent 25 years waiting for reclamation day, when you're gonna go out and rebuild America. Now most of the others are already gone in the opening scene. So you're gonna be going out to rebuild in a world filled with mutated creatures and other players. The overseer of this vault will give you missions to go out to the various six regions to do various different things. Also as a quick side note we thought we'd say super mutants confirmed, ghouls confirmed, and awesome power arm are confirmed.

The last thing we want to say is that there is going to be a collector's edition. It comes with a glow-in-the-dark map with figures you can put on it and it comes with a power armor helmet, a T51 model that appears to have voice modulation. And that's a pretty quick rundown of everything in Fallout 76 that you need to know about and as always thanks for reading.