Google Home Mini, Worth To Buy?

Google Home Mini, Worth To Buy?

File Photo via PCMag

Google Home Mini is exactly what it sounds like, it's just a smaller version of the Google Home that you already know. The Google Home has the Google Home assistant in it which is a powerful tool that answers a lot of questions. So first and foremost with the Google Homes, you're able to ask them anything that you can on Google. Anything you type in on your computer on Google, you can ask the Google Home. What's the news, what's the weather, what's the square root of 98, whatever you want.

Now beyond that, Google Home has become even more useful with the ability to make phone calls broadcast throughout the house if you have other Google Homes. And other powerful tools like that you're even able to control your Smart Home stuff like Philips hue lights and other cool things like that your nest thermostat and whatever little gadgets you have in your house. So Google home Mini is the direct rival of the Echo Dot.

Something we like about the Google Homes is that they're all connected. Everything from Google is starting to become connectable your phone to your Chromecast on your TV to your Google Home now is all able to be intertwined together. You can ask your Google Home to put a TV show onto your Chromecast and it just does it like that. And that is something that is finally speaking as smart home becomes more popular the connect ability between everything. At first when smart home stuff was coming out it was like you could do this one thing with your lights with this one app on your phone. But now you're able to control all of it together and that is what truly makes a Smart Home.

Google Home Mini it's just a little disk you did it out of the box that you expected to be and it's actually really loud. You will be surprised at how loud it really was because you don't expect something from such a small speaker to have that capability. That's really incredible because the Google Home back in the day cost of like 100 bucks and this thing cost only 30 dollars. So something it's really nice with the Google Home is that it's small and you're able to put it anywhere. The Google Home Mini could go in a lot of different places but that's not necessarily going to be near an outlet. So you've got to have that little bit of length to reach the spot and the cable is actually really nice.

So overall the Google home Mini don't have anything bad to say about it. It's small fits anywhere you want, it's got a long cable to be able to reach wherever you want it to be, it's loud, it does everything that the Google Home does. It's really an interesting tool and very recommended if you want to turn your home to a smart home. And as always, thanks for reading.