iPhone X Worth or Not?, a Quick Guide Before You Buy

iPhone X Worth or Not?, a Quick Guide Before You Buy

The iPhone X is Apple's first new design in over four generations of iPhones and it wouldn't be a new iPhone without it ruffling a few feathers. First start with the positives, this is Apple's best design phone by far the moment you pick it up. The premium feel is unmistakable. The phone is only barely bigger than the iPhone 8 and the thicker frame means it sits and grips in the hand much better. The shiny stainless steel band that goes around makes it look like a piece of jewelry and the silver version looks really gorgeous.

The silver white rear uses elegance and the stainless steel frame actually kind of reminds of the iPhone 3G. It still feels very familiar in the hand despite its new design and the volume power buttons up all where you'd expect. The power button is a lot bigger now, we still have the silent switch and there's no surprises with the port's the missing headphone jack and even the stereo speakers which is the feature that should be a standard in all flagship smartphones.

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The biggest difference is when you power on the device immediately you're greeted with Apple's new super Retina display which is absolutely stunning. and as we know it's bought an odd 2436 x 1125 OLED display with a touch responsiveness of 120 Hertz and it's absolutely stunning. It have the most balanced and color accurate displays. With true tone turned off, photos look really natural and nice without looking too muted or too overly artificial as well. There are no complaints with performance and 120 Hertz touch responsiveness.

The biggest change is due to the lack of a home button so any software interaction that occurred from using the home button has been replaced with software swipe gestures. It's a completely new way to navigate but it didn't take long before it felt completely natural. You swipe up to simulate the home button to multitask, you swipe up and right which actually is the same direction that the app switcher would appear on any normal iPhone 8 or iPhone 7. It's also the same direction how you naturally swipe to navigate the app switcher as well and then you can also swipe down from either the top left or from the notch itself to access the notification shade, or swipe down from the top right in order to access control center.

On the topic of new interactions, we can't go without talking about face ID. It's been easy to set up and reliable in most situations although not as fast as touch ID. iOS leverages these sensors to bring about software features such as the notification privacy feature on the lockscreen and also lowers the volume of your ringtone as you bring it closer towards your face. And then an emoji, it seems like such a silly little feature but as a demo of how accurate the sensors are it's excellent.

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The camera is still excellent supporting the same sensors and image processing as the iPhone 8. What you've got with the X is basically the iPhone 8's camera system with a slight upgrade in the telephoto Department with a faster aperture and optical image stabilization. So in the end what you've got is a dependable camera that shoots photos with excellent dynamic range accurate color reproduction, fast autofocus, and in the end some of the best telephoto images that you've ever seen in a typical iPhone.

The iPhone X again has the best-in-class video recording capabilities sporting a sensor that can shoot in 4K at 60 frames per second, or 1080p at 240 frames per second. All with excellent image quality and excellent stabilization for anyone who has any interest in mobile video production. The iPhone X is the camera for you, the selfie cam on the other hand is less glamorous boarding an 8 megapixel shooter coupled with all the face ID senses. You'd expect it to be pretty good at doing portrait mode however again the pixel 2 completely destroys the iPhone X in this regard every shot taken with the iPhone X was consistently unnatural with unreliable background blur. Aside selfie cam, photos are relatively sharp good detail although it also has some pretty unreliable exposure and the camera could do with a wider angle lens.

If you're someone that loves to shoot all day, you'll be pleasantly surprised with the battery of this phone. Thanks to the OLED screen newer processor and slightly bigger battery capacity. The iPhone X ends up with really good battery life, it's not as solid as the iPhone 8 plus but it's a big improvement over that iPhone 8. You could consistently use the phone heavily all throughout the day and still end up at the end of the day with 20% battery life before going to bed.

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One problem however that if you do run out of juice during the day. Apple doesn't actually include a fast charger even though the phone supports it so what you end up with is using a power brake that only slowly trickles power into the phone and the speed of which recharges is what you probably would have seen back in 2012. It's a bit of a slap in the face given how much money you've already dropped on this phone.

So after all of that what do we think about the iPhone X. The iPhone X is an excellent excellent smart phone in a pretty crowded market. There's really not much separating the top smartphones from one another. So in the end it's all about the user experience and quite frankly the iPhone turns user experience is one of the best out this year. The display is excellent, the cameras excellent, battery life is excellent, and the design is excellent. There aren't overly that many negatives however you can understand for some people the annoying software gesture interactions might put someone off from buying this phone.

We would say if this phone was priced at where the iPhone 8 plus is priced, then it would be a no-brainer. Unfortunately it's not priced in the same bracket as the iPhone 8 plus. So what you're looking at you're paying 1550 dollars at least for an iPhone X at 64 gigabytes or you're looking at paying upwards of 1830 dollars for the 256 gigabyte version. And quite frankly that's the same price as a lot of really good laptops.

Finally, should you buy this phone?, well it really comes down to two situations. If money isn't a problem for you and you have the ability to pay for this phone, then you're not going to be disappointed and highly recommend. However if your budget is a real consideration, then you can either look at the iPhone 8 which has pretty much the exact same performance and cameras or take a look at all the other great flagship phones that's on Android. The pixel 2 is cheaper, you can also probably find a really cheap Samsung Galaxy S8 these days and the One Plus 5T that probably one of the best values on the market period. In the end, the choice is all in your hand. And as always, thanks for reading.