Obsidian's Upcoming RPG: All You Need To Know

Obsidian's Upcoming RPG: All You Need To Know

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Obsidian, the famed creators of Fallout New Vegas, one of the most famous and most well-loved Fallout games is working on something new. Basically we want to give you an overview of all the details we know about this new RPG and just kind of give you a good idea of what to expect with it. So you probably have heard of this or at least remember some aspects of it a while ago. There's a bunch of rumors thinking that obsidian was working on Fallout New Orleans, it later was kind of confirmed that this wasn't the case regardless it actually seems like what they were working on back then.

We know it's a new RPG due to a bunch of job listings on Obsidians website. One thing common in many of these is they're seeking help on a new multi-platform RPG. So it seems like this is actually going to be something that releases on all the platforms or at least PC and Xbox one most likely. This is pretty notable because a number of Obsidian games have actually only released on PC and then been ported over later. This time around in the modern day and age with consoles catching up to PC it seems like they are actually doing subsequent releases that's not necessarily confirm but it definitely looks like it's pointing towards at one of the first details.

One of the guys over at Obsidian Tim Cain basically said this new IP that they're working on. This is gonna be a new IP, it's not going to be a new Fallout game as many people will be very upset at. But it seems like they're taking a lot of notes from some of the previous Fallout games that being the original Fallout, not fallout 3 or new Vegas. We also do know what's going to be built in Unreal Engine 4 there's not really a ton to say about that other than a lot of Unreal Engine 4 games look really good. The engine definitely has some pretty high scale graphical capabilities. It's also never confirmed that this is going to be a first or third person RPG.

We actually have two other interesting pieces of info that were revealed by obsidian CEO. First and foremost he was actually replaying Fallout New Vegas in order to get inspiration for this upcoming game. That's very exciting obviously a lot of us are fans of Fallout. But even beyond that, he also mentions in a different interview with Eurogamer as they're giving a tour of the Obsidian offices that this is actually going to be the largest game ever created by obsidian. That is also exciting, it means it'll be larger than Fallout New Vegas.

So we get to the newest and latest news and that's gonna be that Take Two is actually publishing this game. But not really Take Two actually unveil that they're now having kind of a subsidiary that being private division. So it seems like private division is the ones publishing this and private division is owned by Take Two.

This game may not be coming out in 2018 which is unfortunate, especially since they're kind of talking about it so much. Now we'd rather know nothing now and just hear more details closer to release. But private division doesn't have any slated releases for 2018 other than updates for Kerbal Space Program that's obviously subject to change. It could be added on later but at least as of right now it doesn't seem like this game is coming in 2018. And to build off that final microtransaction idea, Obsidian actually came out and said the scheme is not going to be including any microtransactions.

So that's all you need to know about obsidians new RPG. We really excited and hopefully obsidian can deliver because we really need a good new RPG in the future. And as always, thanks for reading.