Player Unknowns Battlegrounds For Xbox One: All You Need To Know

Player Unknowns Battlegrounds For Xbox One: All You Need To Know
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Earlier this year, a game called Player Unknowns Battlegrounds entered early access on Steam and it took the PC gaming community by storm. The game just came out of nowhere but it boomed in popularity. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that PUBG has been one of the most popular and talked-about games of 2017. In light of that, it goes without saying that all Xbox One owners are quite excited about the game's upcoming early access launch for the console. Here in this feature we're going to take a look at important pieces of information about the upcoming Xbox One version of Player Unknowns Battlegrounds That we feel you should know as well.
Graphic & Resolution
Let's get right into it, Xbox One X enhanced when PUBG launches for the Xbox One in December. Xbox One X owners will be able to play an enhanced version of the game, however the exact details of what these improvements will be are not yet known. The game's creator has confirmed that a higher graphical fidelity as compared to the Xbox One version. But he hasn't said much else. There's also the chance that the game might have 4K textures, but if that happens it'll happen sometime down the road HDR support. We do know of some other enhancements PUBG will have on the Xbox One X on Microsoft's latest system upgrade. PUBG will have HDR enhancements, so even though the game will not be taking advantage of the Xbox One X's 4K capabilities. At least for now, fans can rest assured that the system will have a slightly better looking version of the game.
The real question though is whether PUBG will be able to maintain a stable frame rate. Doing so on a server that's hosting 100 players at the same time will of course be a lot harder on a home console than it is on a significantly more powerful PC. The Xbox One version of the game will be able to maintain a stable frame rate of 30 frames per second even with 100 player server's controls.
PUBG is as popular as it is thanks to its strong competitive online play and being able to properly engage in. That is only enabled by code controls transitioning that from the PC to the Xbox One will obviously beat since a consoles controller naturally has fewer buttons and input options than a keyboard and mouse. However it has been confirmed that there will be some changes in the Xbox One version to accommodate this transition. While the specifics of that are unknown players can expect things like aim assist to be included in the game.
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While having the ability to vault over things may not seem like something that is even worth mentioning. PUBG players know the importance of this mechanic, you see the game doesn't have vaulting. But thanks to an update in the near future soon it will both on the Xbox One and the PC as the game's creator himself has said having this mechanic is going to severely change. The map wasn't built for a game that had vaulting in as such players will now be able to use new techniques and strategies.
Compared To PC Version
One of the things that has been stressed the most since PUBG was announced for the Xbox One, is the fact that the experience on the console will be very similar to the PC version of the game. In fact, the objective is to have both of the versions be identical. Brendan Greene, the game's creator has also confirmed that the Xbox One version of the game will receive constant updates and patches just as the PC version does as well.
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Cross Play
Cross play is what people really want though isn't it the idea of PC and Xbox One players being able to play PUBG with and against each other is an exciting one. And if things go as planned that possibility may not be so far away. Greene has confirmed that he wants to include cross play at some point in the future, and while there is no ETA on such a feature yet. The plans to make it happen are most certainly in place full launch in 2018.
Early Access
While Xbox One players will be able to PUBG in December, the game won't actually be out on the system for a while, yet in fact technically the game hasn't even released on PC. In December, PUBG will enter early access on Xbox One. Through its games preview program similar to how it's still in early access on Steam as well. The full game which we can expect to be more full-featured than its current state is actually due for launch in 2018.
PS4 Version?
A lot of people might be wondering why a game as popular as PUBG is coming only to the Xbox One and not the PS4 as well. That's mostly down to the fact that the ps4 doesn't offer an early access program like Steam and Xbox Live do. And games generally have to be in a complete Finish state to make it onto the PlayStation Network. While we can expect a PS4 released sometime in the future, it probably won't come for a while.
Physical Release
Players can also expect to see a full physical release of the Xbox One version of Player Unknowns Battlegrounds, while it won't be happening in December what with it only being an early access at launch. Brendon Greene has confirmed that he does indeed have plans to release a physical copy of the game as well given the fact that Microsoft are going to be the publishers of the Xbox One version.
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New Maps
New maps given how many hours one can sink into playing one match of PUBG after another. It's sometimes easy to forget that the game only has one map. It's a large map sure and it's got a lot of geographical variety, but it's still just one map. The good news is that a second and third map for the game are also currently under development. The second map is going to be significantly smaller than the original map and will be set in an urban desert environment. While not much is known about the third map, it's also unclear when exactly these maps will launch.
PUBG hasn't officially launched the price yet, and so it cost $30 on Steam early access. The same price you can expect to pick it up on the Xbox One given that it's going to be one of the biggest games on the system. Half the price of a AAA game seems to be a good deal.
In-Game Purchases
In-game purchases are of course a controversial topic at the moment and chances are they always will be it's a good thing. When people get to play PUBG on the Xbox One in December, they won't have to deal with any in-game purchases. In fact while three limited edition Xbox One exclusive cosmetic packs will also be launching for the game. They will only be available for a limited time since the game is not going to have any in-game purchases.
While the PC version of PUBG runs on Amazon's web servers, when the game launches in early access on Xbox One in December that will change on the Xbox One. PUBG will run on Microsoft's cloud based Azure servers, giving the online only approach that the game is built around it's. Of course quite important that the server's it runs on function smoothly and properly. So here's hoping that that is exactly the case when we finally get to play it ourselves.
Water Tech
PUBG publisher blue points partnership with Microsoft has been quite beneficial for the game in more ways than one. For example PUBG will now be using the same water technology that is being used by Rare in the upcoming sea of Thieves. While water in its current state in PUBG doesn't look all that good. You can be sure that with Rare’s water tech, it'll look significantly better. 
That’s all the information you should know about Player Unknowns Battlegrounds for Xbox One version. So for Xbox One Player’s, the masterpiece will come into you all soon. And finally, thanks for reading.