Samsung Galaxy Note 9, All You Need To Know

Samsung Galaxy Note 9, All You Need To Know

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In a few months, the Galaxy Note 9 is going to be announced and then released. The Galaxy Note line has always been one of our favorite smartphones to come out every single year, and this year's gonna be no different. But we don't think we're gonna have a huge design change or upgrade compared to last year. The note 8 is still a fantastic device and only have a few complaints about it. That we think they're gonna address with the Galaxy Note 9.

 Now the first thing that people didn't like about the Galaxy Note 8 was the placement of the fingerprint scanner. This was the same issue at the Galaxy S8, so it's no different there they placed it right beside the camera which made it really awkward to get to. With the Galaxy Note 8 it's also a taller device in the Galaxy S8 so you had to really stretch your fingers up there to enable the fingerprint scanner to log into your device. Just like the Galaxy S9 and the S9 Plus they're finally gonna place it in a better position.

The second thing people didn't like was the battery life. We found the battery life to be not that great on the Note 8. It didn't get through a full day of use. This year it's rumored by Ice Universe which is a reliable leaker that the battery inside of the Galaxy Note 9 is gonna be 3850 MAh. That's a lot bigger than what we had with the Galaxy Note 8, so that should easily get us to about a day to the day.

Kind of similar to the Galaxy S9 Plus, the display itself is still gonna be 6.3 or 6.4 inches. You can expect smaller bezels just like the Galaxy S9 and we think this is gonna be the first flagship smartphone to come out with an N display fingerprint scanner. Samsung is gonna be the company to do it first with their top-end flagship phone, so if that works great that's gonna be a big deal because that gives Samsung the ability to remove the bottom chin completely either expanding the screen by a little bit more or just making the phone that's easier to hold.

Now of course you'd expect a beautiful infinity Super AMOLED display just like on the S9 Plus but it's not gonna be as edgy on the sides. Kind of easier to type on since the Note line usually flattens it out a little bit. We do think this year they might have the option for 4K resolution, kind of similar to the Sony Xperia accent premium where it has the capabilities of showing 4K. But it doesn't utilize that 4K screen unless 4K content is being played. We think on a screen that size is gonna look absolutely beautiful.

And finally we get dual speakers this is one of the biggest things we feel that's been missing from the Note line for years. You get this beautiful 6.3 or potentially 6.4 inches display and when you have a mono speaker it takes away from the whole experience. This thing is meant to watch media on it so if they break stereo speakers just like the Galaxy S9 it's gonna sound fantastic. We’re hoping for a quad DAC but we don't think it's gonna be in there. You can expect beautiful headphones from AKG be present in the box.

Other things you can expect is the same price tag as last year it's gonna be an expensive phone. It's gonna be about a thousand dollars. There's also talk of an arch being present on the Note 9m the reason they have to have the notch there is in order to reduce the bezels in order to remove the chin in order to place it front facing or an embedded fingerprint scanner right inside of the display. That pretty much wraps up all the rumors, so far the update to the Galaxy Note 9 is not going to be significant it's just gonna be a lot of small improvements possibly new technology for the fingerprint scanner to bring it up to the next level solving some of those complaints we had with the Galaxy Note 8 which was already great device.

Of course you can expect the latest hardware so the Snapdragon 845 and of course 6 gigabytes of RAM and Android 8.1. So that wraps up the leaks and rumors surrounding the Galaxy Note 9 you should know. And as always, thanks for reading.