E3 2018 Leaks & Rumors, From Borderlands 3 to New Fallout

E8 2018 Leaks & Rumors Game

E3 2018 Leaks & Rumors, From Borderlands 3 to New Fallout
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The Electronic Entertainment Expo 2018 is coming next month. Leaks and rumors are spreading through the internet about the revealed game list will be on stage. We don't know if this list is fake or true or can be both. 

So here is E3 2018 Leaked Presentation:

Electronic Arts

- Battlefield 1945 [Cinematic]
- Star Wars Bounty Hunters: Mandalorian Nights [Reveal]
- Madden 2019
- Dragon Age: Rise of Tiamat
- Anthem [Gameplay]
- Battlefield 1945 [MP Tournament]


- Xbox One X [Retrospective Trailer]
- Gears of War 5 [Reveal, MP Demo]
- Halo 6 [Teaser]
- Rock Band 4: Michael Jackson Tribute [Reveal]
- Destiny 2: Ghosts of Nagasaki [Reveal, Gameplay]
- One Punch Man: 1 Is All It Takes [Gameplay, Cinematic, Presentation from Platinum Games]
- Sea of Thieves [DLC Trailer]
- Crackdown 3 [Release Date, Gameplay]
- Red Dead Redemption 2 [Gameplay]
- Xbox One X [Sales Success, Windows 10 on Xbox One, Closing Trailer]


- Quake Live [MP Demo]
- Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset Isles
- Starship Ceti: The Last Starfighter [Reveal, Cinematic, Gameplay Demo]
- Fallout: Nuevo El Paso [Teaser]
- Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind HD [Reveal]
- Rage 2 [Gameplay, Cinematic]

Square Enix

- Just cause 4 [Reveal, Gameplay Demo]
- Kingdom Hearts 3 [Release Date]
- Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Episode 1 [Gameplay]
- Final Fantasy Remake Project [Reveal]
- One Punch Man: 1 Is All It Takes [Gameplay, Cinematic]
- Avengers: Age of Reckoning [Reveal, Gameplay Demo]
- Shadow of the Tomb Raider [Gameplay]
- Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Ethereal Crystal [Reveal]
- Nier Automata 2: The End


- Splinter Cell: Omega Protocol [Reveal, Gameplay]
- Assassin’s Creed: Dominanace [Reveal]
- Watch Dogs 3 [Reveal, Gameplay Demo]
- Just Dance 3: Ultimate Party Mix
- Steep: Final Descent [Gameplay]
- The Division 2 [Reveal, Gameplay Demo]
- Skull and Bones [Release Date, Gameplay]


- Last of Us 2 [Gameplay]
- Bloodborne 2 [Reveal, Gameplay Demo]
- Days Gone [Release Date, Gameplay Demo]
- Heavy Rain 2: Children of the Origami Killer [Reveal, Cinematic]
- Spiderman [Gameplay]
- Borderlands 3 [Reveal]
- Fortnite
- Soul Calibur VI
- No Man’s Sky: Coalescence [Reveal]
- Shenmue 3 [Gameplay]
- Life is Strange: Storm’s Calling [Reveal]
- Call of duty Black Ops IV [Gameplay, Live MP Demo]
- Tournament of the Ancients: First Blood [Reveal]
- Overwatch: Talon’s Fury [Teaser]
- World of Warcraft: Playstation 4 Edition [Reveal]
- Diablo IV: Rapture [Reveal]
- Final Fantasy 15: King’s Quest (DLC)[Reveal]
- Playstation Indies
- Playstation 4 Pro v2.0
- Death Stranding [Gameplay, Cinematic]

If above list is true or at east mostly, then we can't wait the E3 2018. So much hype!!!

Share your thoughts in the comment section below, and as always thanks for reading.