PS4 in 2018, Still Worth Buying?

PS4 in 2018, Still Worth Buying?

PS4 in 2018, Still Worth Buying?

PlayStation 4 is already four years old and today we're gonna be going over whether or not it's still worth buying. Let's get right into this, so the PlayStation 4 was released back in late 2013 - great excitement among fans. It has sold very well since then and has beat the Xbox one by a very far margin. Buy used PS4 probably nowadays isn't gonna be a big issue if you're looking to save some cash.

There are multiple models of the PlayStation 4: being the original PS4, the slim PS4, and the PS4 Pro. The PS4 pro is obviously the best but for most people either the original or slim PS4 will be just fine. We generally recommend one of those the PS4 Pro, can help put 4K and you're definitely going to see a lot better graphics on it. Although it isn't as powerful as say the Xbox One X.

You can take a pass on that in order to save some money and would probably go for the slim the design of the PS4 or something that's both completely unimportant and yet essential. The PS4 it looks really good it's a sleek machine and will look great in your entertainment unit if size is a concern.

But chances are you're not buying the ps4 just for display the real meat of this thing is the games, and this is where the PlayStation really shines since it's been out for already four years. There are plenty of games for you to sink your teeth into that are really amazing experiences. There's no question right now that PlayStation has the best exclusives from Uncharted 4 to Horizon Zero Dawn. The PS4 has it all and plays everything pretty well typically at a steady 30 frames per second in most games which is perfectly acceptable for console gaming.

What's great is due to the age of a lot of older games you can find some really really good games for super cheap to buy games like say Ratchet and Clank, Infamous Second Son, and Last of Us Remastered. By the way graphics on this thing look beautiful and is hard to imagine them getting much better in the coming years especially with games like Uncharted 4. While PS4 is can play Blu-ray discs obviously and you can connect to the internet which allows you to download apps like YouTube and Netflix if you need an entertainment system as well as a game console. This will work perfectly fine as you would expect an interesting thing you can get for the PS4.

PlayStation VR  is quite pricy but it allows you to experience virtual reality in your living room if you're into that the base. PS4 will often come in 500 gigabytes but now they're selling a lot that start with 1 terabyte. 500 gigabytes for most might sound like a good amount of storage but in all honesty it has a tendency to fill up really quickly. Games like Assassin's Creed can often take up to around 40 gigabytes which adds up and that's even if you have the disk copy as the game downloads the hard drive anyway. This is an order for that consoles people to run it faster smaller games like Minecraft take up much less room but it's important to keep in mind that when buying a PS4 you probably want a bigger storage size.

It's also important to note that it were to play online games, you need to purchase PlayStation Plus which is an extra $60 for a whole year which is annoying but worth. Mentioning you kind of need this for most people the most you're gonna be able do without PlayStation Plus is play single-player games or the single-player campaigns on games. So if you're into that you'll be ok. If you've really couch co-op games or in other words playing games and split screen views with friends this isn't the console for you. There are very few games that support this one being rocket League but for the most part the selection is really disappointing which is a pity. So if you're somebody who likes to have friends over to play games we'd recommend avoiding the PS4and maybe picking up a Nintendo Switch, or if you can find a really good deal even a Wii U.

It's also important to note that the PS4 is not backwards compatible meaning your PS3 games will not be able to play on the PS4. Well it's too bad, but if you have a PS3 anyway then you're just keep it around and play it when you want to.

So those are a few basics of the PlayStation 4 and it's an awesome console and we don't think you're gonna be disappointed with it whether or not it's going to be a better buy over the Switch or the Xbox One really depends on who you are and what games you want to play on.

You can find a PS4 slim for under $300 in which is absolutely amazing. PS4 Pro starts at around 400 bucks on which is actually pretty solid if you have a 4K TV or are interested in getting one. We would definitely recommend going for the pro model, it's only a hundred bucks more and then you'll be future proof. It's also important to note that most consoles only come with one controller so if you are playing to play multiple games with friends or you know anything like that you're gonna want to probably buy another controller.

So in conclusion the PS4 in 2018 is still worth buying and we'd honestly recommend picking it up it's at a really good price point and we don't think you'll regret it. And as always, thanks for reading.