Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, Worth to Buy?

What happens when you combine a display brighter than sunshine, AI wallpapers that redefine creativity, and a performance that puts other smartphones to shame? Well, buckle up, because we're diving into the captivating world of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra!

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, Worth to Buy?
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We're here to delve into the captivating world of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, a smartphone that has managed to win us over with its impressive features. As we spend more time with this device, its allure becomes increasingly evident. However, in the midst of our admiration, there are certain issues we'd like to address in this discussion.

Let's start with the star of the show – the display. The S24 Ultra boasts a phenomenal display that elevates the experience of watching movies and consuming media to new heights. Regardless of the lighting conditions, be it in a dimly lit room or a brightly illuminated environment, the display delivers crisp and vibrant visuals. Samsung has taken back the crown with a display that outshines its competitors, especially with a brightness of 2,600 nits, surpassing the iPhone's 2,000 nits. The absence of a large pill-shaped cutout enhances the immersive experience, and the use of Gorilla Glass with 75% less reflectivity is a commendable feat.

Moving on to the AI features, the generative AI wallpapers caught our attention. The ability to create unique wallpapers every time you run the app adds a delightful touch. However, amidst our excitement, there's a concern lingering in the background. The fine print reveals that these AI features might not remain free forever, with the expiration date set at 2025. The ambiguity surrounding which features will transition to paid services raises questions, and clarity is eagerly awaited.

Transitioning to performance, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is a powerhouse, thanks to the Snapdragon HN3 processor. Its efficiency shines through as we experience seamless gameplay, even with demanding titles like Genshin Impact. Benchmarks indicate a remarkable 35% increase in multicore scores compared to its predecessor, the S23 Ultra, ensuring top-tier performance.

Now, let's talk battery life. While the S23 Ultra's battery life was commendable, the S24 Ultra has managed to match or even exceed the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Our experience aligns with online tests, indicating a slower battery drain. As with any new release, subsequent updates are expected to enhance both positive and negative aspects of the phone.

A notable discovery is the S24 Ultra's support for Wi-Fi 7, promising incredible speeds with the right router. Though Wi-Fi 7 routers are currently on the pricey side, the potential for unprecedented speeds in congested areas is an enticing prospect.

To sum up our journey with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, the display, performance, and battery life have left us thoroughly impressed. However, the looming question mark regarding the future of certain AI features adds an element of uncertainty that we hope will be clarified soon. As we continue to explore the capabilities of this smartphone, we'll keep you updated on its strengths, quirks, and any noteworthy developments.