Top Budget Choice SSD for PS5

Curious about maximizing your PlayStation 5 storage? Discover the top SSDs for enhanced gaming performance and great value.

Top Budget Choice SSD for PS5
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Finding the best SSD for your PlayStation 5 might seem like a daunting task given the plethora of choices available. However, in reality, there are numerous SSDs that can provide a simple and hassle-free capacity upgrade for your game library. To narrow down the options, we subjected a range of the speediest drives from our SSD benchmarks hierarchy to various tests. Our goal was to identify the best SSDs for the PlayStation 5 based on both performance and pricing.

Considering that most new drives for PCs can also be used in the PlayStation 5, you'll find many of our picks on the list of best SSDs for desktop PCs as well. To assist you in finding the right model, we've listed the top five SSDs for the PlayStation 5 along with their key features. Additionally, we'll highlight factors you need to consider when choosing the best SSD for your gaming needs.

1. Crucial T500

The Crucial T500 secures the top spot as a high-performance PCI 4.0 X4 NVM SSD, offering impressive speeds and excellent value. Priced just over $100 for the 2TB model, the T500 provides outstanding performance, making it an attractive choice for value seekers.

2. Adlink A93

Adlink's A93 SSD offers a potent combination of performance, efficiency, and affordability. Priced at $193 for the 4TB model, the A93 competes well with more expensive SSDs in terms of performance, making it a budget-friendly yet high-performing option.

3. Samsung 980 and 990 Pro

Despite being mentioned earlier, the Samsung 980 and 990 Pro deserve another mention for their large and spacious SSD offerings. The 4TB model, priced at $249, provides excellent performance and is available as a single-sided drive, crucial for fitting into the PlayStation 5 without issues.

4. WD Black SN850

Taking its popular Black SN850 SSD and elevating it to the next level, WD offers excellent performance with the PlayStation 5. With a 2TB model priced at $130, the WD Black SN850x leverages an improved controller and newer flash, delivering superb performance. While designed for the PlayStation 5, it's also a top choice for high-speed gaming on PCs.

5. Samsung 980 and 990 Pro

For those seeking the absolute fastest drive for the PlayStation 5, the Samsung 980 and 990 Pro stand out. The 2TB model, priced at $189 MSRP, offers excellent performance across the board, backed by a competent warranty and decent support. While it comes at a higher cost, the Samsung name and support are factors to consider.

The market offers a variety of SSD options for the PlayStation 5, each excelling in different aspects. Finding the right balance of performance and cost is crucial for a satisfying gaming experience.