Xbox Series X Chance VS PS5 in 2023

Let's talk about console wars between Xbox and Playstation in 2023

Xbox Series X Chance VS PS5 in 2023
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As we approach the third anniversary of the Xbox series S and X, gamers are starting to wonder about new hardware system updates and when Microsoft will finally release the great games they've been waiting for. Meanwhile, the PlayStation 5 has had a very strong year with many great exclusives, including remasters of classic games that showcase the power of the PS5's hardware. Additionally, the refinement of the PS Plus subscription has helped take the PS5 in a positive direction, even though it is somewhat overpriced and lacks a large selection of desired games. In contrast, 2022 was a quiet year for Xbox gamers with no major exclusive games and only a few fun additions to Xbox Game Pass.

Despite this, the Xbox series S and X have been significantly improved since their launch, with major upgrades to the user interface and new accessories, like the official wireless headset, limited edition controllers, and the cheaper Xbox series Elite 2 core controller. However, the main reason the Xbox series S and X have been so popular is the Xbox Game Pass, regarded as the best value in gaming. Game Pass includes Xbox Live subscription, Xbox cloud gaming, and works on your PC, making gaming much more casual and resulting in some of the biggest laughs while playing video games. With a rumored price increase on the way, this free and cheap mentality may not last forever.

We believe that the recent price increase of the Xbox platform is unwarranted, given that there are currently no new exclusive games that are particularly exciting. However, some massive first-party games from Xbox studios are coming, such as Starfield, Red 4, Forza Motorsports, Arc 2, and Stalker 2. We are excited about these releases and expect that they will make 2023 a huge year for Xbox.

One reason for our optimism about the future of Xbox is the return of E3, one of the biggest gaming shows in the world. Xbox has always been a big supporter of E3, and we are confident that they will have some exciting announcements to make there, such as world premieres, release dates, and possibly even a new console. We predict that 2023 may be the year that we see an Xbox series slim or pro version of the console, based on the fact that the Xbox One launched in 2013, and the slim version came out in 2016, and the PS4 also released in 2013, with a slim and pro model coming out in 2016.

Looking forward, PlayStation fans can expect a huge end to 2023 with the release of the highly anticipated Spider-Man 2 by Insomnite Games, as well as the release of the PlayStation Edge Pro Controller, the PSVR 2, and the announcement of project Leonardo, a highly customizable accessibility controller kit. Xbox, on the other hand, remains flat heading into 2023, with the Activision deal still up in the air. Although Sony has more exclusives and probably better games over the last few years, the Xbox series S and X remain a popular choice for gamers because of Xbox Game Pass.

While we do not expect Sony to release an update or refresh to their consoles, we would love to see more limited edition versions of Xbox consoles, like the Halo Infinite console. This console has several hidden Easter eggs, including a custom low logo on the back of the battery cover to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Xbox and a custom sound effect when you turn the Xbox on.

We do not think that gamers should switch to the PS5, as Xbox has been releasing all of their console exclusives onto gaming PCs, and Sony is also starting to make some of their best games available on PC. In a recent poll, we found that Xbox won with 55% of the community vote, but the consoles are so close to one another that no one is really winning the console wars. The toxicness of the console wars is starting to fade away, and people are just enjoying the games on whichever platform they prefer.

Overall, we believe that Xbox has a lot to offer in 2023 and beyond, with many exciting releases and the potential for a new console. We are excited to see what the future holds for Xbox and the gaming community as a whole.