AutoCAD 2025, What's New?

Explore the cutting-edge features of AutoCAD 2025 that are reshaping the landscape of architectural and engineering design

AutoCAD 2025, What's New?
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AutoCAD 2025 introduces a suite of cutting-edge features powered by Autodesk AI, revolutionizing the design process for architects and engineers. The innovative Smart Block Search and Convert feature now enables users to efficiently organize geometry into blocks, enhancing design uniformity and saving valuable time. By highlighting matching objects within the drawing canvas, AutoCAD intelligently identifies geometries that can be converted into instances of new blocks, or suggests similar blocks from existing libraries or recent usage.

One of the standout updates in AutoCAD 2025 is the enhancement to the Hatch command, offering greater flexibility and precision in adding texture to drawings. Users can now define hatch boundaries after initiating the command, eliminating reliance on existing boundaries and ensuring hatches fill only specific areas as needed. This update also allows for the creation of hatch textures along paths using open polylines, further enhancing design clarity and readability.

Activity Insight provides a comprehensive view of updates made by collaborators in a drawing, streamlining collaboration and version control. With the ability to compare current and previous versions, designers can easily identify changes and track drawing history without the need to open individual files, promoting efficient workflow management.

The integration of Markup Import simplifies the process of consolidating revisions and feedback within AutoCAD drawings. By plotting PDF files to Autodesk Docs and synchronizing markups, designers can seamlessly incorporate feedback from project collaborators, reducing the need to switch between applications and monitors.

The Autodesk Assistant, powered by Autodesk AI, serves as a virtual guide, offering guidance on design tasks, showcasing new features, and assisting with troubleshooting challenges directly within the AutoCAD workspace. Through a conversational interface, designers can access curated solutions, AI-generated responses, and even connect with support agents for real-time assistance, streamlining the support process and enhancing productivity.

Overall, AutoCAD 2025 empowers designers with advanced AI-driven capabilities, intuitive tools, and seamless collaboration features, making it a game-changer in the realm of architectural and engineering design software.