Apple Next 2018 iPhone, iPhone XL? iPhone 11? Rumors and Informations So Far

Apple Next 2018 iPhone, iPhone XL? iPhone 11? Rumors and Informations So Far

Apple Next 2018 iPhone, iPhone XL? iPhone 11? Rumors and Informations So Far

Apple is set to release possibly a couple new phones next year and one of the phones could be the iPhone XL which is the iPhone 10 plus version of this phone. So let’s take a look iPhone XL Rumors you need to know. All of the information is from leaks by Apple, experts gathering a ton of information, some patents Apple gained were leaked as well so we can see that they have been up too with new innovative designs. Also Apple is a little bit behind the competition so we can look into other phones on the market and see which ones we think Apple will use for their 2018 iPhone.

So let’s start off with the name of this phone. The new 2018 iPhone could be called the iPhone XL, iPhone 10 Plus, or it could also just be called the iPhone 11 Plus phone they might skip the plus version of the phone but that doesn’t seem to be the most likely path Apple takes. The new iPhone could also just be called iPhone and iPhone Plus. Apple has a trend of announcing the new iPhone during their September 11 event so we are going to really have to wait till next fall to find out what the phone will actually be called.

The most talked about thing with regards to the new phone and that is going to be screen size and will Apple be able to finally have a edgeless experience on the phone where the phone is complete screen. It looks amazing If that is even possible. We don’t think a screen can be 100 percent of the whole font of the phone because you still need somewhere to put the front facing camera, unless its just integrated some how on the screen.

Imagine a phone that is bezels and has no charging ports or any ports for that matter so the iPhone can finally become complete water proof. If you have to turn up or down the volume all you have to do is slide your finger on the side. Now this would for sure be a huge upgraded feature for the Apple phone because never before has the sides of the iPhone been finger censor activated.

Next is about a potential dual front facing camera. This is rumored by many people to happen with this next iPhone and if not the iPhone 11 it will be coming very soon. Most people these days seem to want to film themselves so with so much demand with the front facing camera why not give it the same capabilities as the dual rear facing camera on the iPhone. The iPhone 7 was the first iPhone with Dual camera in the back and that was one of the many big things everyone just talked about so why not get everyone excited again and announce a dual front facing camera.

About the highly anticipated screen size. Apple took a huge step with the iPhone X making the screen 5.8 inches but the overall size of the phone was actually smaller than the plus version of the phone. Its rumored that Apple will be coming out with a 6.4 inch screen display. This will be the biggest phone on the market. This will be the plus edition. The regular iPhone 2018 phone should still be the same as the iPhone X.

This has been talked about for a very long time. Apple might be building a very flexable phone To be honest we don’t see the benefit in doing this and we don’t see Apple going in this direction but so many things of people demanding this. So will Apple listen. will be tasked on how to get these phones to bend it might be a plastic screen. This is because Samsung won’t be producing Apples phone screens next year.

Apple also might be introducing an Apple pen. The Pen has been something used on phones before, you know they had the pens on Blackberry and Samsung has used the before on the Samsung Note 8 phones. Samsung sells the pen itself for around 100 dollars.

Apple is rumored to use a different metal for the phone. They will try and use a metal that can transmit cellular signal and wireless signal much better. So with this being said we will be able to have a much faster and more reliable signal when we are using our phones. Also because of the metal change Apple will try and actually create this phone much cheaper than the iPhone X phone. That phone is the costliest phone Apple has ever released and the phone being over $1,000 on the base model has actually steered people away from buying the phone. So look out for the phone to be more affordable next year.

Next year Apple might do an overhaul in their display and design layout. For example a lot of people having been complaining about how their phones are layed out and the wasted space they have on their phones. Users want the phones to appear bigger so why is their wasted space there. This will be a big change because on all Apple phones, the appearances seem to always be the same.

The last rumor is wireless charging from a distance. This would be the biggest move that any phone company can do. Instead of putting in millions of dollars in the battery technology, why not invest in just a easier way for us to charge up our phones. Imagine this device in everyone’s home that owns Apple and also you can put this device in your car. Whenever any enters your house or car, their phones are being charged up and you will never have to even worry about what percent your phone is at. Phone battery is probably the most important thing to me because I can’t do anything with a dead phone.

So that’s all about the next iPhone rumor bouncing out there. Let the time answers, and as always thanks for reading.