Cool New Whatsapp Tricks You Should Know

Cool New Whatsapp Tricks You Should Know
We all use Whatsapp every day, no doubt it is one of the best messaging apps out there. But sadly most people don't know about the cool features that can be used on Whatsapp. Below are cool new whatsapp tricks that you should know. So let's get started.
1. Delete Messages for Everyone
Sometimes happens that we send a message to the wrong person by mistake. Using this trick within seven minutes of sending the text, you can delete the message that you send to the other person permanently from the receivers phone. You just have to select the message that you want to delete. It can be multiple messages and then just click on the delete button. Choose option called delete for everyone and now your message has been deleted from the receivers phone permanently.
2. Stop Autosaving
We all get annoying means and all other unwanted media every day. Hundreds of them from our group chats which get downloaded automatically and just take storage in our phones. Now we can stop that -just click on the drawer, and then go to settings, then go to data and storage usage. As you can see there's an option called media auto download and under that you can find the options to stop auto download when connected in Wi-Fi, when using mobile data, and when roaming. You can choose to disable all of this when connected on Wi-Fi. It's that easy this will save your data and your storage.
3. Add Chat Link to Homescreen
We all have that special someone either friends or family with whom we spend most of the day talking on whatsapp. Now you can just create a chat shortcut to access that chat easily. Just select the person, then click on the drawer, and then click on more, and there you can see a shortcut. When you click on add shortcut, a chat shortcut will be created on your home screen, and when you click on that chat shortcut this will take you directly to the chat screen.
4. Secretly Read Messages
It happens sometimes that when someone sends your message but you don't want to reply to it. But you want to read it without making the tick turn blue. Well you can do that by heading to the whatsapp settings, and then going to account, then privacy, and then turning off read received. But the downside to this is that you can't know when the other person reads your message. To permanently turn off the blue tick and read any message you like, just hold on your home screen, and go to your widget section. then go to Whatsapp section, and then there's drag and drop the Whatsapp widget, and then expand it. Now you can read what the message is without even turning the tip blue.
5. Set Custom Notifications
We all get messages from our friends, family, and office coworkers. Now you can set a different notification tone and a notification light for each contact . To do that, just select your contact then click the tab as you can see custom notification, just click on custom notifications, and just click on enable. Now you can set different notification tones, you can set light if you have a RGB notification, and even you can set a different ringtone for that contact.
6. Full Resolution Media
Whenever we send and picture on Whatsapp, Whatsapp ruins the picture quality by compressing it to save our data. But sometimes we want to send the picture is original lossless quality. To do that, click on attach icon and instead of selecting gallery, select document and click on it. Now you can browse to the file that you want to send. Send the picture and as you can see this picture will be sent in its original quality and not in compressed format.
7. Send Messages Without Adding The Contact
many a times we use Whatsapp to send a single message to someone just for one time then forget about the person. This can be the car rental, services, etc. It's really a headache to add the contact for just one-time use, so instead you can now send messages to that contact without adding him or her to the contact list. For that, you'll need a third party app called click to chat. You can download it from the Google Play Store HERE. After you open, click to chat, and just type in the number to whom you want to send the particular message, then type in the message, and then just click on send now or send later that is you can schedule your message to be sent at a later date.
8. Share Live Location
Whatsapp has finally brought the popular live location feature that is available on Facebook and snapchat. To use it you can just click on the touch icon and then select location. This feature is useful for guiding friends to a particular location. It can be used for safety purposes such as in disaster situations. Also if in chat with more than one person you can use this feature to share your location and coordinate meetups or trips. Just click on share live location, then select the time interval, and then type any comment like on my way for example and then just click on send. You can also click on stop sharing to stop this service.
9. Use Whatsapp As a Bookmark Feature
This is one of the productive uses of Whatsapp. First, create a new group at any participant you like. After creating the group you can delete the participants. Now you can share this on whatsapp to your own group, and this group will become your personal space to save articles, links, and other pictures, or videos that you can check out later.
Those were the nine cool new Whatsapp tricks that you should know. Comment and Share to your friends, and finally thanks for reading.