Detroit: Become Human, Worth or not?

Detroit: Become Human, Worth or not?

Today we're talking about Detroit: Become Human. This is the next game from Quantic Dream, another game written and directed by David cage who was behind Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain.These games and especially Detroit are playable stories they feel like movies but they're really not quite as good in some aspects like writing, but they do have fan bases.

Detroit become human is pretty much what you come to expect from Quantic Dream's. We don't really think it'll win over any new fans. If something about heavy rain bothered you, maybe you thought it was boring or not fun or you couldn't get past some of the awkward dialogue, Detroit doesn't fix all of this stuff but having said that it's enjoyable and might actually be one of the better games they've made.

The game takes place obviously in Detroit in the near future of 2038 where things feel still somewhat familiar except society is filled with these lifelike Androids. These androids can be owned by humans and are forced to follow orders and basically just kind of work as slaves. Some are housekeepers, others help the disabled or work as garbage collectors or any other job. And there is tension brewing because of that the convenience is great, but people are getting frustrated as more and more of them lose their jobs to autonomous androids. This coupled with the fact that there is a low-key revolution brewing as some androids are going haywire and are becoming what they call Deviant which is them essentially breaking through their programming and becoming free thinking and feeling.

So basically it's a tense world, it's a powder keg, it's a fairly well realized one that doesn't go too far to develop itself into a full sci-fi world. It tries to adhere to normal rules while giving you little bits here and there like magazines and news stories and environmental clues to suggest tensions with robots, drug addiction problems, a brewing war with Russia, and all these other little cool things that are worth looking into. It's not as hardcore sci-fi as maybe even the trailers at a marketing suggest this is very much more of a character based story.

Speaking of characters this is the main focus here you bounce around between three of them there's Kara the caretaker, Marcus who goes from kind of like an assistant to an artist to a freedom fighter, and Connor he's like a new prototype homicide detective model. You can play through scenes via the different characters and three separate arcs that sometimes converge and you can do various things as the characters from menial tasks like cleaning to looking for clues, climbing stuff, talking to people, making decisions that are very important and of course there are QuickTime event action sequences that require quick button presses and stuff. It's all pretty standard by now and it does little to feel like it's adding any new mechanics and sometimes you'll find yourself struggling with the camera. Joystick also being the interact button and the small motion controls needed not really going as smoothly as expected.

We do like that the stakes are high in this game the experience is going to be fairly different for every player, because even smaller stuff has multiple paths that all lead to some impressively big branching timeline trees that just show how many different outcomes. There are certain main characters can die at certain points and cut some stories and it shorter character relationships will change all that it'll keep you engaged. Some character dialogue is kind of cheesy or goofy nothing is cringed as Jason but you know some of the cringe is definitely still there from Heavy Rain times. But then you have other real actors like Lance Henriksen of Aliens or a Clancy Brown of Highlander and Mr. Krabs that are captured and acted perfectly in this game. It's a total damn treat to watch them when they are on screen. As a movie fan we will say one thing I did not enjoy was the way the stories are segmented. Just feel like the previous games flowed more seamlessly here completing sections wraps it up and you get a whole tree showing all the possibilities. You unlock them along the way and how many others are still hidden for another playthrough for different experiences.

Finding all the different ways the story goes down or you points which then you can spend on extras to view from the main menu, like art and character models and stuff. It’s really like that the game is ambitious enough and has so many outcomes that it encourages replayability. Bt we weren't a big fan of every 10 or 20 minutes section feeling like it formally ended faded to black and then I get a completion screen and then a load time until the next section in terms of flow and pacing it felt like a detractor especially compared to previous games by the team which just seemed like they flowed a bit more organically.

Now look that's like that's a small complaint but it's something we picked up on and it bothered a little, otherwise though like we said the story is engaging unfortunately it is a story filled with some cliches and lotsa on-the-nose allegories for race and freedom that just almost feel kind of awkwardly obvious. And a lot of it is gonna be stuff you've seen before in other games and movies and stuff. But despite that we think it still might hold your interest and you'll find yourself just wanting to play through.

There are moments where people do some really heinous stuff there's tense conversations good chase and action scenes and it all feels different enough to keep the pace going. Part of the journey for us was the visuals themselves. This is where the developers have really been spending their time graphically the game looks pretty damn great with realistic character models and animations. But really we want to emphasize Detroit hits a new level of like actual cinematography. The in-game camera and scenes are expertly framed and lit and there are moments where the visuals kind of make me feel like you’re watching something like Blade Runner 2049 or some other movie that Roger Deakins did cinematography.

We guarantee you will be taking lots of screenshots during playthrough and lots of just moving the camera around just kind of enjoying the way everything looks. Also we didn't experience any real technical difficulties or massive frame drops on environments or surprisingly big in detail - and really worth exploring. Get more of those little story details if you want overall look the game is a fun playthrough, it does more than previous games to really incentivize multiple playthroughs and that works because the game should take you anywhere from six and a half to ten hours depending on how you play.

So that’s all insights about Detroit: Become Human before you buy. This game worth a buy especially for who enjoyed storytelling based games and looking for a very nice graphics detail type games. And as always thanks for reading.